Your Stories

I will never forget that Friday. After hearing the devastating news, I drove Dad home from the hospital to our family home in Caherlistrane.  I remember travelling home that afternoon pondering on how we were going to break this news to Mammy, and I knew we would be requiring the assistance of Galway Hospice very shortly. In September 2005, my... Read More
Cathy, our Night Nurse arrived into our lives on Wednesday, 22nd October 2008. After very brief introductions she became so much a part of our family. We did not know her and she did not know us, but we all had one thing in common. That was to help our Dad's death be as pain free and gentle as possible. We entrusted her with our most precious... Read More
I wanted to see my father.  He was in the living room.  He had died in his comfortable chair, with his feet up on footstool, a glass of whiskey at one hand, and the ashtray in the other.  I am glad I saw him as he was, because it made me truly see that my father was gone.  It comforted me to see how peaceful he looked..The phone rang at 5 one... Read More