Your Stories

Basil became very ill at the end of 2012 with heart condition and lungs. He died two years later. An acute hospital was the wrong place for Basil to die. They weren’t able to offer him anything really comforting, soothing or hospice like. You know, they were an acute hospital; that’s their programme. He was tubed this way and tubed that way with... Read More
My partner Una died just over four years ago. And she died within 19 days of them first mentioning cancer, so it was quite sudden. She also had Alzheimer's. She immediately went into palliative care in the hospital. They were unable to consistently stay on top of her, what became quite considerable pain. It was always a question of pain management... Read More
I found a lump in May 2014 and they did the standard scans to check the rest of my body and unfortunately within two weeks I was diagnosed with secondary cancer, meaning I was basically terminal. I was given a diagnosis and a timeline of two and a half years, so with two young children at the time, my children were nine and three, it was quite... Read More