Your Stories

My name is Anne Harris and I’m a nurse. I have worked for the health service for the last 40 years. My mum who passed away sadly last, 1st February last year, having been cared for by the health service for over 10 years with dementia.When mam was hospitalised initially, we were concerned for the care she received in the acute hospital, in that... Read More
My sister was a young woman. She was in her early 50’s; I consider that young. And she was diagnosed in, she had complained of back pain for a long number of years and she was going to her GP on a regular basis. And the GP was saying she had some weight on her so the GP was saying it’s your weight, you need to lose weight but he never sent her for... Read More
 My mother Mona was very very well really all her life until she was into her eighties and then she started having a lot of episodes of losing consciousness. When that would happen she would be in the emergency department because an ambulance would come wherever she was or even they happened at home a lot. She was under the care of a geriatrician... Read More