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Fighting for loving care for the people we love When we can no longer care for our loved ones at home we must place their care in the hands of others. There is no greater act of trust. When that care is loving and tender, it can enhance life. But when it falls short, as June Crockett discovered, it is an upsetting and frustrating challenge to... Read More
When our loved ones become ill, the task of caring for them often falls on the people who love them most. Their sons and daughters, their husbands and wives. But caring for the love of your life can sometimes be the most challenging and demanding of tasks. And yet, as Robert Ferguson so movingly describes, love somehow has a wonderful way of... Read More
Padraig Geoghegan was an amazing character bursting with life and full of contradictions. He was the light in the room but he loved his privacy. He was a fitter-welder but was really well read. He avoided dealing with emotions but he was always there for his wife Antoinette when she most needed him. picture4 for web.jpg... Read More