Your Stories

Terence: The hospice to me is a life saver because I’ll tell you, if I hadn’t gone in when I did, I don’t think I would be here now, I was that bad but I wouldn’t give in, I wouldn’t give in to it because of that word hospice, totally, because it’s just totally stubbornness on my side, because I’m not going into hospice, I’m not going down, I’m... Read More
My favourite activity would be the art, definitely, 100%. You can spend two hours in there and you think you are only there 10 minutes. Definitely the art, I find it very good, now I have never thought I’d be able to draw a match stick man never mind anything. But you just actually, it just settles you, it’s like a calmness. It really is. Anxiety... Read More
Donal: I’m Donal Bell. I’m 77 years of age, coming on 78. I hope to make it. If I do, that’s fine. It’s in the hands of the good man above.Helen: Donal was quite ill. He got a very bad chest infection, pneumonia, I suppose. He was very, very ill and he had to go into the regional hospital. He was there for just over two weeks and then they knew... Read More