Your Stories

Gerard: My name is Gerard O’Hare, I’m 52 years of age and I suffer from Motor Neurone Disease. It was a hard time adjusting. It took a wee while for me to get my head around it. But after a while I just take it one day at a time and that’s the way it’s been ever since for me. I don’t know about my wife, but, it hasn’t been easy for the both of us... Read More
My name is Lynne Armstrong and I have lived with Multiple Sclerosis every single minute of every day of my life. It is a chronic, debilitating disease and, at times, it’s actually a very humiliating disease because of nasty things that happen. I think there is more hope nowadays for people who are diagnosed. Nowadays there are disease modifying... Read More
Karen: Well I think when people hear the words palliative care they automatically associate it with the end of life, and actually what palliative care is really about, and what we really strive to achieve, is to try and keep people living to the very end and really enjoying their life and having good quality of life right until the end of their... Read More