Your Stories

I’m Paul FitzPatrick and I’m 61 years old. And at the end of January 2018 I was diagnosed with two life-changing conditions. The lung disease that I have is called IPF which is Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and what it is, it’s the hardening of the lungs. Your lungs are like a honeycomb and it blocks up the honeycomb and it stops you breathing... Read More
Rosemary My name is Rosemary O’Mullan. I’m now retired. I’ve been married now 38 years.Anthony People would tell you everything is laid out for you. But it’s not.. It’s your luck of the draw at the time. And also how it turns out.Rosemary I met Tony in 1979 and I was married in 1981. Well I must say we have had a good family life. We were married... Read More
Hi. My name is Kate, Kate Cameron and I’m originally from Scotland but I’ve been living in Ireland since 1997. Well I have two daughters so I’ve been looking after them but they’re grown up now. And I have been working for the national youth organisation Foroige since 2001 but from 2007 I worked for the programme that came over from America called... Read More