Your Stories

As I stood in my living room staring out the window, the dark, dismal, rainy morning reflected every bit of what I was feeling inside.  Outside the world continued on, people going to work, children going to school, the postman delivering letters.  How could they? Why had everything not come to a standstill – my believed, precious Paul was dead. ... Read More
My father was born on a farm in Leitrim in 1935. He died in Cork City in 2011. The world he was born in was very different to the one he died in.He was very much a man of his time. He liked going for walks, pottering about, and being busy fixing things. He enjoyed chats and meeting new people.  He didn’t like fuss. He didn’t talk about his... Read More
We had wonderful times during the 3 years Mum lived with me but we had our challenges too.  Neither of us had a clue what was happening. We were both terrified I was panicking that I would fail her in some way, and Mum was terrified I would leave her or put her in a Nursing Home. Angela and Carmel July 18th 2011.jpg... Read More