Your Stories

My name is John Joyce, I’m from County Mayo. Approximately eight years ago I was diagnosed with a tumour in the head. Brought into hospital had two operations which were successful for the time but, unfortunately, I then had to have 72 sessions of radiotherapy.So basically, after the radiotherapy then I went on to chemotherapy and the chemotherapy... Read More
Well I worked as a caretaker up in the school in Raheny for 19 Years, I was 19 years up there and before that I was an upholsterer, so I worked at upholstery, like I worked all my life and then to get this was a huge shock to me.Vivienne McCann (Joe’s daughter):He’s very independent like you know, you have to kind of we’ll come over and we’ll do... Read More
My name is Tim Kelly and I first met my late wife Kathleen Kelly in Dublin in 1960 or thereabouts. I was in the Guards. She was also in the Guards. She was one of the first 12 bean gardai, as they were then known, to join the force. We got engaged in December 1961 and we got married on the 27th December 1962. We moved to Donegal on the 5th April... Read More