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My first introduction to palliative care was roughly a year and a half ago. I was an in-patient in Galway Hospital and three girls came in and introduced themselves as the palliative care team. My first reaction was, OK, I'm gone.At this stage so I have a palliative home care team, so it means they visit me at home. When I came out of hospital... Read More
Mary was initially diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia in November 2012. It came right out of the blue. She took the diagnosis fantastically; she was an amazingly pragmatic person, more concerned about other people than herself. So from the beginning she did everything she thought was right, she read up about it, she thought about it, she put... Read More
My own view on palliative care is that it’s not just about someone who is coming near the end of their life. I think palliative care should be available for people with life-limiting illnesses when those illnesses start to become serious; the one that I would have most experience of would be MS. So for instance when a person moves into progressive... Read More