The Irish Association for Palliative Care introduces its information and education video providing details on the Palliative Care Services and role of the Multi-Disciplinary Team in Specialist Palliative Care Services in Ireland. Click here to view shorter videos detailing the role of individual professions within the palliative care team.
This video by Pallium Canada shows that there's proof that palliative care early is better than palliative care late
This documentary by Norah Casey features a range of people including healthcare professionals and terminally ill people speaking about dying.
The experience of serious illness can bring many fears and worries. There may be things that are not easy to think about or to talk to others about. However, the old saying "A problem shared is a problem halved" really does apply - talking can make a difference.Watching this short film with those close to you may be an emotional experience, but sharing this together is a way of coping and of supporting one another.
This is a short film about talking together when someone you love is seriously ill. Thinking about the future can be filled with uncertainty and fear. It can be hard to talk about this, but we cannot be protected, or protect one another, from the realities and sadness of illness and loss. We can, however, support one another in making this difficult journey together.