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Talking With Children About Dying

What should you tell children about death?

At some time or other, all those who care for children will be faced with questions about dying. Children deserve honest answers, but as adults, we get worried about saying the wrong thing. What’s the right approach?

Download: Talking With Children About Dying

Symptom Diary

This diary can be used to record your symptoms, when they occur and what you did to treat them. It can be taken to your health care appointments to help explain the symptoms you are experiencing. If your symptoms are not relieved by your treatment, call your health care provider.

Download: Symptom Diary

Health Service Executive - Glossary of Terms

The national clinical programme for palliative care is pleased to present the second edition of the palliative care Glossary of Terms (the palliative care glossary). This  document was developed as part of a process to promote clarity and consistency in the way in which we speak about palliative care and the services that are provided to people with palliative care needs. It was developed in consultation with stakeholder advisory groups to the programme.

Download: Health Service Executive - Glossary of Terms

Think Ahead

The Think Ahead form aims to guide you in thinking about, discussing, and recording your preferences regarding all aspects of end of life. It encourages you to ensure that those closest to you are aware of these preferences so that, should a time come when you are unable to express them yourself, your wishes will be clear to those caring for you or managing your affairs.