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Common Words and Phrases

This is a guide to some words and phrases you may hear when planning or discussing endof-life care and treatment.

Download: Common Words and Phrases

Your Rights in Northern Ireland

This factsheet is a quick guide to your rights at the end of life in Northern Ireland.

Download: Your Rights in Northern Ireland

Living With Illness

When you have a serious illness there are things to consider. This could be for you or for those around you.

You may want to think about your quality of life. What is important now? Whether you continue to work, how things are likely to change and how you can prepare for them is important. There is information here that can help in making informed choices.

Download: Living With Illness

Communicating With Health Care Professionals

A lot can be gained by improving communication between family caregivers and healthcare professionals. Positive outcomes include:

Better care for the patientLess stress and illness for the caregiverMore efficient use of everyone's timeMore satisfaction for all concerned

Download: Communicating With Health Care Professionals