HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that attacks and weakens the body’s immune system. HIV makes it difficult for your body to fight against infections and cancers that it would normally be able to fight off. If HIV is not treated, the virus may progress to AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). AIDS is a disease in which the immune system breaks down and the body is unable to fight off certain infections.

All Ireland

Positive Now

Positive Now is a diverse group of people living with HIV working to build and enable an all-Ireland network and ensure that the voices of HIV positive people are represented at all levels, whilst constantly challenging stigma and discrimination.


Republic of Ireland

ACET (AIDS Care Education & Training)

ACET Ireland is improving the lives of those living with, and affected by, HIV in lreland by playing their part in reducing the number of new cases of HIV in Ireland. They work to break down barriers of fear in Irish Society to deliver projects that seek to change individuals, families and communities for the better. 


Northern Ireland

Positive Life NI

Positive Life supports and promotes positive living for people with and affected by HIV in Northern Ireland and the border counties. Positive Life has been making a difference to the quality of people’s lives for over 25 years, beginning life as the AIDS Telephone Helpline in 1986 and now as a city centre facility offering a range of services and supports expanded across Northern Ireland.


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