Cardiovascular Disease

When your heart’s functions become compromised, this is known as cardiovascular disease, a broad term that covers any disorder to the system that has the heart at its centre. Each heartbeat pumps blood around the body, your body takes oxygen and nutrients from the blood, and it is returned to the heart via the veins. This system is very vulnerable to damage from things we do, like smoking, eating an unhealthy diet or stress. Or, you may be born with a heart condition.

Republic of Ireland

The Irish Heart Foundation

The Irish Heart Foundation is the national charity fighting heart disease and stroke. Their mission is to lead in improving the cardiovascular health of people living in Ireland so they do not experience disability or die from preventable heart, stroke and other blood vessel diseases.  

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Feature: Helpline

The Irish Heart Foundation in conjuntion with the Irish Hospice Foundation have produced a booklet to both signpost and prompt discussions you can have with your medical and healthcare team as well as your family so you can be more prepared for the future. The booklet also gives you some practical tips about arrangements you can undertake yourself.

View the booklet here

Northern Ireland

NI Chest Heart and Stroke

NI Chest Heart and Stroke supply support groups that provide a listening ear, emotional support and practical advice to people and their families and carers affected by chest, heart and stroke conditions. The groups enable people to meet with others in a similar situation. Their vision is one where everyone can live life to the full, free from chest, heart and stroke illnesses. 


British Heart Foundation 

The British Heart Foundation are the UK's number one heart charity. They fund thousands of research projects around the UK that are fighting heart disease.


Feature: Helpline