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Talking about Death and Dying

In this section you will find practical guidance, information and resources on: how to say goodbye; the importance of good listening skills; and what the dying may experience as death approaches. There is also guidance on talking to children and young adults, and practical guidance on how to break bad news.

Download: Talking about Death and Dying

Talking with Children and Youth about Serious Illness

Children who are shielded from the truth are likely to worry, rely on overheard bits of conversation, or make up something in order to make sense of the unusual behaviours they’re observing. Many experts who work with children and youth believe that young people are better able to cope with situations if they know what is happening and feel comfortable asking questions.

Download: Talking with Children and Youth about Serious Illness

Talking With Children About Dying

What should you tell children about death?

At some time or other, all those who care for children will be faced with questions about dying. Children deserve honest answers, but as adults, we get worried about saying the wrong thing. What’s the right approach?

Download: Talking With Children About Dying

Symptom Diary

This diary can be used to record your symptoms, when they occur and what you did to treat them. It can be taken to your health care appointments to help explain the symptoms you are experiencing. If your symptoms are not relieved by your treatment, call your health care provider.

Download: Symptom Diary