1. Direct Care Providers - Organisations who provide direct care

Health Service Executive

The HSE is the state body responsible for providing palliative care services. In order to find your local services you will need to contact your Local Health Office. This will be your entry point to community health and personal social services. The wide range of services that are provided through Local Health Offices and from Health Centres include general practitioner services, public health nursing, community welfare, chiropody, ophthalmic, speech therapy, social work, addiction counselling and treatment, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychiatric services and home help.

Website: http://www.hse.ie - about Palliative Care

Carers Association

The Carers Association is Ireland's national voluntary organisation for and of family carers in the home. The Carers Association provides a number of services nationwide, to family carers, which are aimed at helping to increase the quality of life for the Carer and the person receiving care at home. One of the core services they offer is a home respite service.

Website: http://www.carersireland.com/

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Caring for Carers

Caring for Carers Ireland is an independent voluntary support organisation working in partnership

with Family Carers and those for whom they care. Currently there are 109 Caring for Carer groups and over 160,000 family carers forming a nationwide network in this country. Rooted in the Carers’ Charter launched by Soroptimist International Republic of Ireland in the 1980’s, Caring for Carers Ireland focuses on the recognition of the role of the family carer, the provision of respite care, information and training while advocating for the rights and needs of carers at local, national and European levels.

Website: http://www.caringforcarers.ie

Central Remedial Clinic 

The Central Remedial Clinic (CRC) is a national centre that offers a wide range of rehabilitative services for children and adults with physical and sensory disabilities. The CRC is located in North County Dublin, with regional centres in Clondalkin, Limerick and Waterford.

Website: www.crc.ie

Cheshire Ireland

Cheshire Ireland provides a range of support services to people with both physical and neurological conditions in their homes, in residential centres, in supported accommodation and in stand alone respite facilities. We provide our services to people often with very complex and high support needs.

Website: http://www.cheshire.ie/

Irish Hospice Foundation Night Nurses for non malignant conditions 

The Irish Hospice Foundation funds the Night Nurses for non-malignant conditions. The aims of ‘Nurses for Night Care’ are to provide necessary support to allow people with illnesses other than cancer to die in their own homes. They also provide respite for families and highlight awareness of the needs of such people and their families. Referrals for IHF-funded night nursing can only be accepted from palliative care professionals. 

Website: http://hospicefoundation.ie/healthcare-programmes

Irish Cancer Society Night Nurses for malignant conditions

The Irish Cancer Society's Night Nursing Service is available for people with palliative care needs and their loved one and provides nursing care, practical support and reassurance. The aim is to keep the patient comfortable and free of pain. Night nurses are free of charge for up to 10 nights.

Website: http://www.cancer.ie/

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Enable Ireland

Enable Ireland provides free services to children and adults with disabilities and their families from 40 locations in 14 counties. Covering childhood to adulthood the expert teams worth with the individual and their family on a plan for each life stage. Services for children and their families cover all aspects of a child's physical, educational, and social development from early infancy through adolescence.

Website: www.enableireland.ie